Shashwati Bhosale is cycling across India to raise awareness about women empowerment Credit: EastMojo image

Guwahati: In a pursuit to create awareness among people about ‘women empowerment’, a young girl from Maharashtra is on a solo cycling missing across the length and breadth of India.

Starting her journey from Agartala, the capital of Tripura, on March 6, Shashwati Bhosale reached Guwahati in Assam a few days ago.

“Self-determination is very important in achieving one’s goal,” said Bhosale, who is a graduate in microbiology from Maharashtra Udaygiri Mahavidyalaya located in Latur district of Maharashtra.

Bhosale belongs to a middle-class Maharastrian family and is a resident of Dharambad in Nanded district of Maharashtra. Her decision to start a bicycle tour from Northeast India came to her mind owing to the favorable weather conditions prevailing in the region at this time of the year compared to other places in India.

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Bhosale, who has a professional experience of over six years in corporate firms across India, planned to take a break to follow her passion. “Office politics is very common in corporate firms of India and ‘victimises’ a large number women employees across the country. This is the main driving force behind my innovative cycling campaign,” she said in an exclusive interview with EastMojo.

Shashwati Bhosale took a break from her professional career to pursue her passion

Sharing her experience so far, after cycling across a huge portion of Northeast covering Assam, Tripura and Mizoram for over a month, the young cyclist said that women in the region are more ‘empowered’ compared to those living in central or western parts of the country.

“Here, women who are living even in the remotest villages, are earning a livelihood working in fields or tea gardens. They are also seen coming out of their homes and enjoying during festivals and family occasions. This itself defines ‘women empowerment’ as a whole,” added Bhosale, who entered Assam sometime before Bihu in April.

The 27-year-old campaigner, however, pointed out that few issues like ‘early marriage’ and poor literacy among women still prevails in Northeastern society and these issues should be addressed by the state authorities as soon as possible.

Significantly, Bhosale, who made a halt in some border areas of Mizoram earlier in the month of April, told EastMojo that some issues like prostitution are quite common in the bordering areas of the state.

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Commenting on the hospitality of people from the region, Bhosale said: “All people whom I came across in Northeast till now were very welcoming. I also enjoyed ‘Bihu’ in a Mising village in Majuli,” she said.

Incidentally, Bhosale hasn’t sought for any kind of government support for her bicycle tour so far. She is doing everything from the savings that she made from her earlier jobs. Her family members and friends were, however, forthcoming in lending a helping hand.

She plans to hit the roads of Meghalaya next week.

The young Maharashtrian cyclist is a graduate in microbiology from Maharashtra Udaygiri Mahavidyalaya in Latur district

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