Nyamar Karbak, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) MLA candidate from Liromoba Assembly constituency Credit: Facebook

Itanagar: Nyamar Karbak, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) MLA candidate from Liromoba Assembly constituency, has announced to take appropriate and strict legal action against Intellectual Support Group (ISG) for unnecessarily dragging his name into an occurrence which he was not even aware of.

ISG is a group of intellectuals representing five circles — Yomcha, Liromoba, Darak, Lower Kamba and Upper Kamba — of West Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh. It had on Saturday accused the police of breaking the laid-down procedures while carrying out raids in the Tego Gamlin and Laggi Gamlin villages of the district and had also raised apprehensions that Karbak was reportedly behind it.

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Alleging politically motivated vendetta by the ruling party, the ISG in a representation submitted to the director general of police had stated that “the raid was presumably carried out at the behest of Karbak”.

Tego Gamlin and Laggi Gamlin is the ancestral village of the National People’s Party contesting candidate Jarpum Gamlin.

Karbak, who is also the sitting MLA from Liromoba, in a statement on Sunday said that as far as he knows, the police are in search of criminals who committed robbery and severely assaulted one Bajum Bogo, the BJP mandal president of 27th Liromoba Assembly Constituency at Hotel Miinta, Aalo earlier in March this year.

“I am of the belief that the police does not require a ‘search warrant’ if there is credible information about the presence of criminals in any area. No one is above the law and our society is not governed by thugs and criminals. If someone has committed a crime, they will eventually have to face the consequences,” Karbak said.

Further stating that the so-called ISG was a self-proclaimed and a political group, he added that 27th Liromoba Assembly constituency currently has four administrative circles — Kamba, Darak, Yomcha and Liromoba. “But the manner in which segregation of people residing in Kamba circle has been attempted through speech, videos, letters and other forms of communication, etc, only exposes the ill-intent and divisive mindset of a pseudo intellectual/ group. There is one Kamba administrative circle. There is no upper Kamba or lower Kamba as such. It is really a matter of concern that these so-called intellectuals claiming to represent the area don’t know how many administrative circles are there in our constituency,” he added.

“Further, some important questions remain unanswered to this day. Who was responsible for attacking and robbing Bajum Bogo? Who is shielding the alleged accused from the Police? Who is creating unnecessary obstruction in police investigation into the case? Who is feeding one-sided and biased stories about 27th Liromoba AC to the media?” Karbak asked.

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The ISG had alleged that at least a dozen masked police personnel raided and searched several houses at Laggi Gamlin village without identifying themselves and without showing search warrant in the intervening night of May 1 and 2.

“I have been witnessing for long that that a few people with vested interests have been unnecessarily dragging my name in the media. Just because I do not respond, does not mean that cooked-up stories will be fed to the people. Appropriate legal recourse shall be taken against those indulging in defaming me,” Karbak added.

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