Seven people died in lightning strikes during storms in Bangladesh’s Kishoreganj and Bagerhat district

Dhaka: In a run-up to Cyclone Fani, which is making its way to Bangladesh on Saturday, the nation saw seven deaths, including that of an eight-year-old child, due to lightning strikes in separate cases during storms in Kishoreganj and Bagherhat districts.

According to The Daily Star, the deceased from Kishoreganj were Sumon Mia (8), Mohiuddin Ahmed, Asad Mia (45), Rubel Das (26), Mujibur Rahman (35), and Nurun Nahar (30).

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Mohiuddin and Rubel Das were harvesting paddy when struck by lightning, while Sumon was going home with cattle when he was struck, the police were quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Asad Mia was struck by lightning when he was mowing grass, and Mujibur Rahman and Nurun Nahar were struck by lightning when they took shelter under a tree, the report said.

In Bagerhat area, an unidentified woman around 50 years of age died after a tree branch fell on her.

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