Employees of factories and establishments, drawing wages up to Rs 21,000 a month, are entitled social security cover under the ESI scheme

Aizawl: At least 1,589 employees have been registered under Employees’ State Insurance scheme (ESI) since its launch in Mizoram in 2016, officials said.

Officials of ESI said the number of employees insured under the social insurance scheme is minimal as compared to the number of employees in factories, private schools, hotels, restaurants, shops, medical institutions and other establishments.

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They empahsised on the need for awareness as many employees and employers are unaware of the scheme and asked employees to avail the scheme in large number.

An official of ESI in Aizawl said that they have tied-up with three hospitals- State Referral Hospital at Falkawn, about 16 km from Aizawl, BN Hospital and Adventist Hospital, both in Aizawl and two laboratories/ diagnostic centres- Genesis and Trinity Diagnostic in Aizawl.

The insured persons are being referred to hospitals and laboratories for further treatment and investigation after they are being examined by ESI doctors, he said.

He added the insured persons are given treatment including surgical operation free of cost and they are provided free medicine.

Further, officials said that there are a number of privately run schools, hospitals, banks and shops, which employed more than 10 employees.

They expressed desire that all the private employees be registered under the ESI and avail the scheme.

The ESI is an integrated measure of social insurance embodied in the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 and it is designed to accomplish the task of protecting “employees” as defined in the act against the impact of incidences of sickness, maternity, disablement and death due to employment injury and to provide medical care to insured persons and their families.

The ESI scheme applies to factories and other establishments like hotels, restaurants, cinemas, newspaper, shops, and educational/medical Institutions wherein 10 or more persons are employed.

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The employees of such factories and establishments, drawing wages upto Rs 21,000 a month, are entitled social security cover under the ESI scheme.

While the rate of contribution by employer is 4.75% of the wages payable to employees, the employees’ contribution rate is 1.75% of the wages. Employees, earning less than Rs 137 a day as daily wages, are exempted from payment of their share of contribution.

The ESI scheme was launched in Kanpur on February 24, 1952 by then prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and initially implemented at just two industrial centers in the country in 1952, namely Kanpur and Delhi.

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