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Guwahati: For an Assam native living away from home, it would be tough to imagine watching a mobile theatre play anywhere outside the state. However, thanks to a unique initiative, the Assamese diaspora living in Bengaluru will be able to experience the scintillating performances of some of the most popular names in the mobile theatre industry on April 26, 27 and 28.

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The non-profit initiative has been taken up in collaboration with Awahan Theatre, a popular mobile theatre group of the state, and the greater Assamese community living in Bengaluru such as East Bangalore Bihu Committee, Assam Association Bangalore (AAB), Assam Society of Bangalore (ASOB) and Srimanta Shankardev Cultural Society Bangalore (SSCSB), clearly depicting the passion for theatre and arts.

Awahan Theatre will stage three of their popular plays in Bengaluru — Mokorajaal on April 26, Madhuri Mur Naam on April 27, and Moi Mar Suwali on April 28. The venue for the unique event has been chosen at Sarjapur Road in the city.

A team of more than 90 artistes comprising actors, directors, technicians, stage hands, etc, along with two truckloads of equipment and stage materials will be travelling to Bengaluru to perform the three plays, just the way they would move from one location to another in Assam.

This is also for the first time that Awahan Theatre will be performing outside the state of Assam providing theatre enthusiasts an opportunity to experience the unique concept while away from home. The initiative is a move to promote cultural activities that create social solidarity and cohesion within the Assamese diaspora in Bangalore alongside showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Assam.

It was not too long ago when theatre enthusiasts would wait for that time of the year when the ushering of autumn season was welcomed along with different theatre groups setting up the stage in different corners of Assam. Performances by some of the best in the industry don’t just provide immense aesthetic pleasure but also provide respite from heat and humidity in an all pervading festive atmosphere. To most, who have been living away from Assam for quite some time now one may overcome with acute nostalgia.

Mobile theatre, locally called ‘Bhramyamaan’, is a unique concept prevalent only in Assam with a very large fan following for many years now, as it has been able to establish a strong connect with the audience in Assam through its numerous well received and popular staged plays by combining the performance art of traditional play with modern cinematic techniques.

Meanwhile, a large Assamese diaspora has been residing in Bengaluru for several years now, and though this community has submerged themselves in the cultural ethos and professional ambience of Bengaluru they have been retaining a strong connect and love for their traditional roots in Assam. There are various groups and associations within this larger Assamese community have been organising numerous socio-cultural events like Rongali Bihu and Magh Bihu, Durga Puja and various other cultural festivals for the past several years.

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