Arunachali rapper K4 Kekho Credit: YouTube

Guwahati: Music can be a powerful medium to raise one’s voice and this young rapper from Arunachal Pradesh is using it to make all the right noises about the ongoing violence in his native state.

Musician Kekho Thiamkho, 24, has just released a new, powerful song titled ‘Save Arunachal’ that stands as a mark of protest against the recent killing of three youths in the state. In the past few days, massive protests have marked the otherwise peaceful Northeastern state that were staged to oppose the granting of Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to six non-Arunachal Pradesh ST communities.

Here’s the song on YouTube:

Sung in a dialect of Hindi unique to Arunachal Pradesh, the young artiste rues the loss of three innocent lives.

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In the song, Thiamkho — who goes by the name ‘K4 Kekho’ on YouTube — talks about the widespread encroachment on the rights of tribal people in his state and also the imperiousness of the men in uniform.

K4 Kekho raps about issues with a social relevance and that are close to his community and his home.

With his distinct two long braids which run down to his years, he sings with a gaze that looks powerful and a voice equally influential.

“Death of 3 youths during the protest left me no choice but to finally come up with this rap song in one day. So please ignore the quality of the video or other technical errors. Message in the song is important,” he writes on his YouTube account.

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