Nagaland Governor appealed for active support of civil societies, village councils and the people as he takes all legal and administrative steps towards ensuring the implementation of ILP.. 

Kohima: Nagaland Governor PB Acharya has announced that the state government has decided to implement the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system in Dimapur.

The Governor announced this while addressing the third session of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) here. The state government, Acharya said, is committed to streamline the system of ILP ensuring that “no illegal immigrant is able to come to Nagaland.”

The Nagaland Governor further stated that a committee was set up to suggest measures for
strengthening the system of ILP and recommendations to check the influx of illegal migrants. He went on to say that the government has accepted the report and “has directed to ensure framing of rules and guidelines for its implementation” and that “ILP will be made applicable to the entire state, including Dimapur.”

Dimapur is the only district in the state that was out of the ILP purview and the civil societies had repeatedly demanded for the inclusion of the city.
He further appealed for ‘active support’ of civil societies, village councils and the people as the government takes all legal and administrative steps towards ensuring the implementation. He added: With the participation of people in a positive manner, the strengthened ILP system will be able to ensure that no illegal immigrants are able to enter the state.
Meanwhile, addressing the House, Acharya asserted that the “top agenda” of the current government is “early solution of the Naga Political Issue.”

Governor PB Acharya in his address to the House further stated that the Joint Legislators’ Forum on Naga Political Issue was reconstituted to “pursue the Naga political issue to its logical conclusion” and has expressed appreciation to the Government of India for ensuring the Nagas towards a solution that is “inclusive, honourable and acceptable”.

On the much controversial issue of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, PB Acharya acknowledged the Centre for “listening to the voice of the people” and re-affirmed that the state government out-rightly opposes and rejected the Bill through a consultative meeting on January 31,

“Nagaland is a political state formed out of the 16 point agreement and accordingly Art 371(A) of the constitution protects and safeguards the rights and privileges of the citizens of Nagaland, as no act of Parliament, shall apply in the state of Nagaland unless the Nagaland Legislative Assembly by a resolution so decides. The House was of the view that all Naga organizations should have unanimity in supporting this stand in the greater interest of protecting and safeguarding the rights and privileges of our people as enshrined in the Indian Constitution,” he added.

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