MZP president L Ramdinliana Renthlei addressing a party meeting in Mizoram. Credit: EastMojo Image

Aizawl: Mizoram’s apex student body, Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) president L Ramdinliana Renthlei on Thursday claimed that the fight against Citizenship (Amendment) Bill has brought unity among the Mizo people.

He was speaking at a thanks giving ceremony being organized at the MZP office to celebrate the defeat of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Rajya Sabha.

Renthlei said that both the civil societies and student bodies have fought tooth and nail to oppose the Citizenship Bill.

“For some time we were disappointed and felt helpless as the Centre was firm on introducing the bill despite using all our might and forces to oppose the move. It was at this juncture that we sought help from God, who answered our prayers,” he said, adding that the defeat of the Citizenship Bill in Rajya Sabha was the outcome of divine intervention.

He said that the people of Mizoram, civil societies, student bodies and political parties have equally contributed to the fight against citizenship bill, which is being lapsed in the upper house.

Citing the reason for organising thanks giving programme, Renthlei said, “We feel the need for giving thanks to God, whose intervention has led the citizenship to be lapsed in Rajya Sabha, after the people kneel down in prayer.”

Renthlei also slammed BJP president Amit Shah for his recent remarks that the saffron party is determined to introduce the citizenship bill if it regains power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

He said that the student bodies along with major civil society organizations will continue to oppose the move to introduce the bill.

The thanks giving ceremony was attended by leaders of civil societies and parties including state BJP president Prof. JV Hluna.

Speaking on the occasion, Hluna said his party was strongly opposed to the citizenship bill for which they submitted representations to the centre twice informing their strong opposition.

Urging the people of Northeast and Mizoram not to panic because of Shah’s comment, the BJP leader asserted that the BJP led government would no more introduce the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in the parliament.

Like other Northeastern states Mizoram has witnessed massive protest against the citizenship bill for the past few weeks.

On January 23, about 30,000 people staged protest rally during which protesters were seen chanting anti-India slogans and carrying banners that reads “Hello China, Bye Bye India.”

Spearheaded by major civil society group, Republic Day was also boycotted for the first time in the history of the state on January 26.

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