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Guwahati: An animal shelter home, run by a small tea planter in a remote village in Sivasagar district of Assam, hogs limelight following the decision of the authorities concerned to handover the ownership of an adult male camel rescued from smugglers in the Bangladesh border recently to the shelter home.

Aranyam, an animal shelter run by Samiran Hatimura, offers shelter to a large number of animals, birds, some of them are of rare species.

“I have been trying to provide shelter to maximum number of animals, birds etc, as I can. Apart from some of the regular species, I have offered shelter to some of the endangered species of animals here,” Hatimura said.

Informing that his father started the shelter home over a decade ago, Hatimura said that he is collecting the animals from various sources, including from the Assam state zoo.

“When an animal or bird gets injured due to various reasons, I always try to collect them and offer them all kind of medical help,” he said, adding: I have various species of some of the endangered birds and animals, namely eagles, pigeons, ducks, rabbits, horses, etc.

Aranyam is nothing short of a zoo. Along with varieties of species of animals the shelter also provides treatment and temporary shelter to wild animals for rehabilitation in their natural habitat. Started way back in 2008, the shelter home is located at Kalugaon in Sivasagar district of Assam.

“Aranyam was opened in 2008 by my father. He is an animal lover and even I’ve decided to follow his footsteps,” Hatimuria added.

A decade after its opening, the shelter home is now a major attraction to not only wildlife officials but also young kids, for whom it is an incredible learning experience.

Since the Assam zoo can’t take domestic animals, so, on various occasions the authorities in the state zoo contact me to collect animals or birds from them.

Apart from the animals and birds, Aranyam also has protected a number of rare and medicinal plants. “I also have different types of rare fruits in my garden,” he informed the EastMojo.

Samiran Hatimura feeding the different species of birds at Aranyam in Sivasagar district of Assam

Recently, Aranyam got a new guest in terms of an adult male camel. After months of fighting a legal battle for its ownership, an adult male camel rescued from smugglers in the Bangladesh border has found a home in Assam’s Sivasagar district. The camel’s new home from now on will be Aranyam. It could only be decided after the legal battle for ownership between the State police and the authorities of the Assam State Zoo continued for six months after which the court adjudged a judgment in favour of Assam State Zoo. Following which, the camel, left the zoo for its new home in Sivasagar district about 350 km away from Guwahati.

“I was contacted by the Assam State Zoo as they are not authorized to keep domestic animals. There were three camels altogether, two died six months ago. The camel is a welcome addition to my family and I hope it adapts to our 12-bigha home,” Hatimuria said.

The humped animal’s new companions will be emus, quails, turkeys, guinea pigs, horses, 12 types of peafowls, five varieties of pigeons, rabbits, white mice and several other creations of nature.

Goalpara police had rescued the camel in mid-2018 while the animal was allegedly being transported for smuggling into Bangladesh. Like two more camels rescued from the same district in January that year, this camel, too, was shifted to the state zoo.

The first two camels were diagnosed as carriers of diseases that veterinarians said could put the caged animals in the zoo at risk. Zoo officials approached the Sessions Court in Goalpara after the two died six months ago.

It was in the month of December when the zoo authorities got in touch with Hatimuria, and after meeting all the legalities finally shifted at its shelter.

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