CCTNS was launched in four police stations within the state capital- Aizawl police station, Bawngkawn police station,Vaivakawn police station and Kulikawn police station.

Aizawl: More than six months have passed since Mizoram’s first Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS) was launched in August last year. The citizen portal which was designed to facilitate filing complaint online fails to draw users as not even a single complaint has been lodged so far.

Mizoram Inspector General of Police (IGP) LH Shanliana said the citizen portal, launched to facilitate online complaint in various police stations, receive no response despite wide usage of information technology among the people.

He said that he was shocked to see a zero record of users for the portal in more than a half year since it was launched in August last year.

Though people are very fond of android mobile phone and internet surfing, they are not in the habit of “effective” use of technology, he said, adding that public awareness should be spread to use technology in a better way.

CCTNS was launched in four police stations within the state capital- Aizawl police station, Bawngkawn police station, Vaivakawn police station and Kulikawn police station.

It was launched by Mizoram Director General of Police (DGP) Balaji Srivastava on the occasion of Independent Day on 15 August last year.

The system is designed to facilitate online complaint by integrating all the 39 police stations and 52 higher offices across the state through a networking system to reduce paper works.

Shanliana said that the system aims at creating comprehensive and integrated system for effective policing through E- governance using information technology.

Apart from integrating all the existing police stations and higher officers in the state, the system also aims at providing connectivity to all the 15,268 police stations across the country, he said.

CCTNS project was one of the mission mode project under National E-governance Plan (NeGP).

The citizen portal was monitored 24×7 by data operators to cater citizens under the jurisdiction of four police stations.

The CCTNS project includes a tool, called Core Application Software (CAS), which allowed police stations to perform paperless work and subsequent transition to digital policing at their respective stations.

Through CAS, all record entered in police stations are synced with the state date centre where they are centrally stored enabling easy and quick access to records from across the state and one location. The data stored at the state centre is further synced and backup at National Data Centre which enable country wide access to crime and criminal records and helps in quick identification of criminals, crime activities and linking of cases across the country.

The system has services like employee/tenant verification, character certificate request, domestic help request, submission of complaint and search FIR.

Meanwhile, police cautioned people against misuse of social networking sites.

They said that there is an increase in misuse of social media among younger people which resulted in crimes and spreading fake news leaving people in panic.

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