Siliguri’s Sushmita Mandal, a differently-abled girl, is setting an example by using her feet and toes to take her Board exams, lead a ‘normal’ life

Siliguri: A 16-year-old differently-abled girl in West Bengal’s Siliguri district is setting a unique example by using her feet and toes to write. She does it so effortlessly that she’s become a role model even for ‘normal’ people of the region.

Bidhan Nagar resident Sushmita Mandal doesn’t have one of her hands. The one she has is deformed. However, she never let her disability come in the way of achieving her dreams.

While taking her Board exams at Muraliganj High School recently, she became the centre of attraction as onlookers gathered to look at the confident girl writing her papers with ease.

Sushmita Mandal, a resident of Bidhan Nagar in West Bengal’s Siliguri district, uses her feet and toes to write

The West Bengal Secondary Examination started from Tuesday and Mandal, a student of Santoshini Vidhyachakra in Siliguri, was much excited to appear in her first paper.

Sadly, her father Subhash Mandal is an alcoholic and has taken no responsibility for her daughter. Her mother, Anjali, who works in a tea factory nearby for her livelihood, is her pillar of strength.

Samsul Alam, headmaster of Muraliganj High School, said, “I was really shocked to see Sushmita writing with her feet and toes. it is an inspiration for all of us.”

Sushmita Mandal of West Bengal’s Siliguri district, who uses her feet and toes to write, taking her Board exam on Tuesday

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