Villagers of this village saw a helicopter of the Indian armed forces hovering over their rooftops. Credit: EastMojo Image

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Geleki, Sivsagar: Villagers of a tiny village in Geleki along the Assam-Nagaland border in Sivasagar district of Assam on Tuesday were witness to a mini ‘tornado’; only that this was no ordinary tornado, but a whirlwind caused by a descending helicopter.

Clueless about what was happening around them, villagers were stunned when they saw a helicopter of the Indian armed forces hovering over their rooftops. Never ever did they see any such sight in their lifetime. The helicopter was flying so close to them that it was almost about to touch the electric lines.

The whirlwind caused by the descending helicopter suddenly reached such an extent that it left a trail of destruction. Houses of at least 10 families were destroyed due to the air pressure caused by the helicopter. Trees were uprooted and electric lines were dismantled due to the whirlwind caused by the helicopter.

However, no human casualties were reported till the filing of this report.

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Now the question arises: Why was an armed forces helicopter hovering over the area at such a low height?

When enquired, it came to the light that the helicopter was allegedly being used by a senior officer of the Indian armed forces. It has been alleged that the officer, who was on board, was trying to show the chopper to his family members of his house located in the area from a close range.

Call it a sheer case of irresponsibility or a show of strength, the officer’s ‘bravado’ has been widely condemned by the local residents.

Meanwhile, demanding adequate compensation to the affected families and stringent action against the guilty, the affected people of the area have lodged an FIR at the Geleki police station.

Later in the day, the father of the officer reportedly visited the area and assured the villagers of adequate compensation to the affected families.

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