National flag snapped off the post while governor BD Mishra tried hoist the tri-colour in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal governor saves the situation during R-Day celebrations

BD Mishra maintains composure after tricolour falls down while hoisting; uses ‘military instinct’ to make security men hold flag while national anthem is played

Itanagar: Arunachal Pradesh governor BD Mishra saved the situation during the 70th Republic day celebrations at Indira Gandhi Park in Itanagar on Saturday morning.

While hoisting the national flag, it snapped off the post and landed on the ground, much to the embarrassment of the dignitaries and general public present on the occasion.

However, he governor maintained his composure and used his ‘military instinct’ to save the day. Mishra, a former Brigadier of the Indian Army, promptly ordered the security personnel to hold the flag while the national anthem was being played in the background.

Besides saving the state government from embarrassment, the governor's presence of mind has been hailed by many. Following the incident, Mishra also ordered an enquiry into the incident.

In a similar incident at the Assam BJP headquarters at Hengrabari in Guwahati, the national flag did not unfurl when state party president Ranjit Das tried to hoist it. He pulled the flag string to unfurl it on Saturday morning. Much like Itanagar, here too, the national flag snapped off the post and landed on the ground.

However, BJP leaders reattached the flag and Das later hoisted the national flag successfully.