Flooded road of Naginimora town and its deplorable road condition

Kohima: Disappointed at the government’s apathy towards resolving an issue that has been lingering on for more than two decades, the Konyak Union of Naginimora in Mon district has decided to take up the task of constructing and repairing the road of Naginimora town upon itself.

In a presser, the Konyak Union expressed its dissatisfaction and stated that the town road has been neglected and lying in shambles for a very long time, with zero maintenance activities mentioned in the official records, despite the fact that the people of Naginimora have been contributing huge amount of revenue to the state government. The union has been making repeated appeals and has submitted a number of memorandums to the departments concerned and the government on the issue.

Emphasising on better roads being a fundamental right for the public, the union warned the government that the people of the town are not going take it lying down anymore.

The residents of the town held a public meeting and decided to construct the road through contribution by the private business community with an estimated budget of Rs 3.61 crore. A core committee for town road construction has also been set up with L. Methlow Konyak, president of Konyak Union Naginimora Unit as its convenor, N Khampei Konyak as secretary and sixteen other persons from different walks of life as members.

Since the road construction is being initiated through private contribution, the Konyak Union Naginimora Unit has directed all the government departments not to exercise their “rules and regulations at their check gate for two years, ie, (2019 to 2021)” which it said is a form of agitation against the government for not constructing the road despite repeated appeals and submission of memorandum.

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