Avijit Dutt speaking at TEDx Betkuchi

Guwahati: At a time when the world seems to be witnessing a rise in xenophobia, protectionist measures and climate change, among other issues, TEDx Betkuchi was hosted by Royal Global School on December 22, which held several important discussions along the same lines.

Themed around ‘Boundaries No More’, personalities, including environmental activist Bittu Sahgal; social activist and theatre personality Avijit Dutt; former journalist and wildlife conservationist Bano Haralu; Indian Revenue Service officer Padmapani Bora; and singer, editor and a wellness expert Parvati M Krishnan were the speakers for the event.

Among a wide range of discussions held during the event, the session began with a presentation by Bittu Sahgal, who has been working towards biodiversity conservation, deforestation and climate change, brought to the fore the boundaries dividing humanity.

While presenting an assortment of video clips depicting the sorry state of degeneration of the world at the hands of man, the environmentalist said, “The adults need to do some serious introspection about what their careless attitude towards the environment is going to leave their younger generation with. If children can understand the importance of conserving nature and its beings, why can’t adults?” Bano Haralu, narrated a heart-warming story of an indigenous tribe in Nagaland which gave up being the harbingers of death to the Amor Falcon migratory birds to become the mascots of peace and conservation. She emphasized on the importance of education which has played an important role in making the tribes aware about peaceful co-existence between the migratory birds and them.

While sharing his experiences about how he broke the boundaries in his life, Avijit Dutt said, “Walls and boundaries are required by the right wing forces, who believe in holding the supreme position and want to build walls around the world. But, today’s world calls for a flatter and a freer globe, where a cow farting in New Zealand can be heard in Guwahati. Hence, there is no more boundaries.”

Other speakers including Padmapani Bora, an Indian Revenue Services officer, reflected upon the cultural and ethnic similarities between the North-eastern states and South-East countries, making it imperative to make a social, economic as well as cultural connect. And, Parvati M. Krishnan, shared her thoughts on the trials and tribulations of an independent woman in contemporary India and urged the audience to fall in love – truly, madly, deeply – with oneself acknowledging the strengths and flaws.

Apart from the intellectual sessions, the event also saw cultural performances by the students of Royal Global School.

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