Artistes performing ‘THEBVO DO’ dance during the Hornbill Festival.

Kohima: Different ethnic tribes of the state performed their traditional dances during the ongoing Hornbill Festival here.

The cultural programme performed by Chakhesang tribe mesmerized the tourists. Artistes of this tribe performed “THEBVO DO’ (demonstration on making nettle yarn). It is believed that nettle yarn production originated from Leshemi village and later, spread on to the other village. Nettle and gotten yarn were the sole materials for making various clothing to keep warm and covered.

The “LEH-LEH” (demonstration on sowing) performance by Khiamniungan tribe depicted the sowing in group to work jointly by rotation.

Members of the Sangtam tribe performed “THSUMUTHE” dance as part the festival on Friday. It is a dance where the stepping is crucial and the distance between the feet and the ground is kept as compared to other dance forms.

Mourning song (“MANGHAPBU CHIA”) was performed by the artistes of the Chang tribe. The song sung by the village women during the death of the village elders. “SIM LOKOILA” is a folk song performed by Kuki tribe. This is a song conversation between a young boy and an older lady.

“JAKTONGSIKA”, a traditional games performed by Gafro tribe, and “GO-KARTHING”, a game performed by Ao tribe, were also showcased during the festival.

In the olden days, a cart is build of wood usually consisting of three wheels and a basis structure is used for racing.

“ZANSINGBU ZANGLAN”, performed by Konyak, is a traditional warfare and defense tactics adopted during raids are exhibited in this dance-drama where muzzle loading guns, daos and spears are used. “OOHANG MOO MENVIH-EI YAHPU”, a tribute to Hornbill Festival, was also performed by the members of the Phom tribe during the event. It is a folk song of expression of genuine love for Hornbill Festival the “festival of festivals.

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