The Mao Council has also imposed the ban in their area for a duration of three years.

Imphal: The Mao Council has imposed a ban on hunting of wild birds and animals in the areas under the council’s jurisdiction.

The apex body of the Mao community has imposed the ban in their area for a duration of three years. The council has also resolved to impose a fine of Rs 5,000 against anyone found hunting wild birds and animals.

“Birds and wild animals have always been a part of the Mao community,” council members said. Initially, the ban was imposed on hunting of migratory birds and, later, it was extended to include wild animals as well.

‘Respect the space of each other’ is the message and the stand of the Mao Council, sources said.

As Mao Council is not the only place where migratory birds are hunted, the council has also urged the people living in areas in and around Loktak Lake and Shirui Kashong, where migratory birds come every year, to take steps in preserving wild animals and migratory birds.

The council further resolved to protect catchment areas, prohibit setting forest areas afire, constitute Green Protection Group for every Mao village and plant saplings every year from May 25 to 31.

Large flocks of migratory birds, including water birds, come to Tobumei, Kaibi, Makhel and Sajouba every year during September and October. Villagers know the time of their arrival from the wind direction and the way hill tops are covered by clouds.
Before the arrival of the migratory birds, villagers make nets by tying wires to tall bamboos to kill these birds.

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