AS a precautionary measure all dogs in urban local bodies need identification at the earliest, the minister said.

Imphal: Manipur minister for forest and environment Thounaojam Shyamkumar has appealed to all the dog owners of the state to put collar belts around their pets and not to let loose their pets astray in the streets and locality.

Speaking to media persons, the minister said that his department will issue an order to all the urban local bodies to identify domestic and stray dogs so that necessary action can be taken up the concern departments.

Stating that the recent attacks on domestic livestock were carried out by animals including dogs, he said there is a chance of spreading rabies disease. As a precautionary measure all the dogs in the urban local bodies need identification at the earliest, he added.

He said the Manipur minister of veterinary and animal husbandry will be consulted for the dog census so that number of domestic dogs as well as stray dogs can be easily verified. He further said consultation will be also held regarding census on the number of dogs which have already received rabies vaccination.

He also made appeal to the public no to panic over the incidents as the authorities as well as the experts are jointly working and assessing the situation. He said officials and staff of forest and environment are working towards maintaining a peaceful coexistence between humans and the wildlife.

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