Members of the Mizoram Choir or M Choir, as they would like to call themselves, will soon take the centre stage at the eighth season of India’s Got Talent (IGT) in Mumbai

Mizoram: At a time when political parties in Mizoram are battling for the crown, ahead of the assembly elections on November 28, some 11-odd members of a choir group are busy rehearsing in Mission Vang, a quiet locality in the capital city of Aizawl. After all, not too many singers from the state often get to make it to a national-level reality television show.

Meet Mizoram Choir, or M Choir as the members would like to call themselves as, which is all out to create a permanent place in the hearts of the people of the country, as they make it to the main stage in Mumbai in the eighth season of India’s Got Talent (IGT).

Led by its chairman-cum-conductor Lalchhawrkima and group leader C Lalrinzuala (aka Amtea), M Choir consists of Zorinsanga Sailo (Zorina), Vanlalunpuii Hrahsel (Mapuii), Zodinpuii (Grace), Lalrindiki (Didiki), Hmingthansangi (Beki), Hmangaiitzuali (Sami), Lalthuammaloia (Thuama), Vansangzuala (Sangtea) and Lalhriatpuia (Hriata).

A land of choirs, Mizoram has plenty of talents to boast about, but due to unknown hurdles, most of them never get to showcase their talent to a larger audience. In order to bridge that gap, singers from various walks of life came together in 2015 to form a group which people would enjoy watching just as much as they enjoy listening.

M Choir is the brainchild of Lalchhawrkima, who is also the group’s chairman and conductor. After being a part of one of the most famous choirs of the hill state, the Bible Society Melody Choir (BESY Melody Choir) during the mid 1990s, Lalchhawrkima started M Choir in 2015.

“All the choirs in Mizoram are church or charity based, so the professional choir scene is non-existent. We wanted to create a choir which can be considered professional. We Mizos are a tribe who love to sing and if four to five people gather, there is always one or more person who would grab a guitar and start leading everyone into a song,” Lalchhawrkima told EastMojo.

“Most of us have had an upbringing where we go to Sunday schools. So, every church has a choir group of its own. But at the same time there are also numerous solo singers across Mizoram,” Lalchhawrkima added.

It was after making it through the Kolkata auditions that the choir will now take the pre-quarter finals stage at the reality show to be held in Mumbai shortly. However, like with any others, M Choir’s journey has not been an easy one. The choir conductor has already spent around Rs 3 lakh just to be able to present their talent to a larger audience. But his efforts and dedication have only given a morale boost to the other members.

“We are working on fusions, between what we used to do and what we are not very comfortable with, for instance, singing in Hindi. It is a challenge for us because we don’t speak too much of Hindi. We have to concentrate more on the lyrics and also understand the feel of the song and learn the choreography, which is very challenging and ambitious at the same time,” said choir leader Amtea.

After retiring as a government servant and conducting choirs during all his youth, Lalchhawrkima has now dedicated his time following his passion. He hopes to get all the support from the people of Mizoram and the rest of Northeast India.

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