Kut festival is celebrated in Manipur to mark the end of harvesting season

Imphal: The Kut festival was celebrated with much fervor and zest across Manipur on Thursday to mark the end of harvesting season in the state.

Kut, also known as Chavang Kut, is a premiere festival of the Kukis, Chins, and Mizo ethnic groups. It is also one of the main festivals of Manipur and celebrated across the state.

Every year on November 1 Kut festival is celebrated and the main event is organised at the premises of the 1st Battalion of Manipur Rifles.

It is also considered as a thanks giving festival and observers of the festival offer prayers for a bountiful harvest season and prosperity of the people. A display and performance of rich cultural traditions and merrymaking form a vital part of the Kut celebrations.

The main attraction of the Kut festival is the Miss Kut event, which is a beauty pageant. Kut is a festival of merrymaking and people come together to feast, drink, sing, and dance.

Kut festival is of great significance as it highlights the cultural heritage of the Kuki-Chin-Mizo groups and also a platform to harness peace and harmony among the diverse ethnic communities of the state. Kut festival has slowly evolved as a way of garnering peace, communal harmony, friendship, and forging new ties.

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