Bollywood singer Shaan was pelted with stones for singing a Bengali song at a Guwahati concert in Assam on Sunday Credit: Twitter

Whatever happened at the Sarusajai stadium in Guwahati on Sunday was really unfortunate. To those who took offence at Bollywood singer Shaan singing a Bengali song – for heaven’s sake, it was just a song. Music has no boundaries, and a renowned artiste playing a number of his choice shouldn’t be bound by one either.

In a video that has now gone viral, people are heard shouting, “This is Assam and not Bengal.” We have a simple question to those people: What if Zubeen Garg were to sing an Assamese song at a function in Delhi or Kolkata, or Alobo Naga a Sumi Naga folk number, for that matter, and were to be meted out a similar maltreatment, how would you feel?

Here’s the video:

We stand with Shaan when he says, “Don’t make this political. Never do this with an artist,” after the concert. Although the singer was kind enough to brush it away as a one-off incident and later tweeted that it would be wrong to tarnish this beautiful state over one unfortunate incident, we make an earnest appeal to the music lovers of the region to remain just that – music lovers.

The Northeast part of India is a slice of paradise on earth, and is blessed with many amazing gifts, including the gift of music. Whether it’s the borgeets of Assam or the church choirs of Meghalaya, we take pride in our music. Let’s do the same with what others have to offer.

(Kunal Doley is the executive editor of EastMojo)

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