The infant was rescued by local residents from a jungle in Bishramganj, Tripura

Tripura: 2-day-old baby girl found abandoned in Bishramganj jungle

Infant was covered with ants all over body when rescued by local residents, taken to hospital

Agartala: In a shocking incident, a two-day-old baby girl was found abandoned in a jungle near Warangbari in Amarendranagar, located about 30 km from the state capital Agartala.

The infant was discovered when a woman heard the noise of a baby crying while passing through the jungle. When she stopped to check out, she was shocked to see the two-day-old infant lying on the ground with ants all over her body.

She then sought the help of local residents who in turn called the police. The infant was taken to the Bishramganj Hospital, where here condition is said to be stable.