Three former Congress MLAs -- R Lalzirliana, Lalrinliana Sailo and Dr Buddha Dhan Chakma -- have resigned so far

Aizawl: The ruling Congress in Mizoram has accused its dissident MLAs of spreading outright lies about the motive of their resignation from the legislature.

Three former Congress MLAs — R Lalzirliana, Lalrinliana Sailo and Dr Buddha Dhan Chakma — have resigned so far. While Lalzirliana was expelled from the party after he resigned as home minister, both Lalrinliana and Chakma later put in their papers. While Lalzirliana and Lalrinliana have now joined MNF, Chakma has joined BJP.

“The Congress party has felt it necessary to let the people know about the real cause of their resignation as they have spread so much lies about it,” a Congress statement said.

The real cause behind the expulsion of Lalzirliana from the Congress party was that in spite of being a Congress vice-president and a home minister, he made himself “inevitable” by other parties, and he himself leaked this to the media as if he was proud of it, the statement said, adding that even the MNF leaders had said that the two would join the opposition party before the elections.

“This has been proven by the fact that the MNF nomination committee left two seats vacant for Lalzirliana and Lalrinliana,” it said.

After Lalzirliana ignored the Congress disciplinary action committee’s show cause notice, he was eventually expelled from the party. “The real cause of his expulsion from the party was his anti-party activities and nothing else,” it said.

The statement went on to accuse Lalzirliana of indulging in nepotism during his 10-year tenure as minister looking after several departments like home, agriculture, rural development and power and electricity.

“In his desperate attempt to consolidate his position, he showed undue favouritism to near and dear ones in terms of contract works and government jobs. The people of Mizoram and the Congress party are living witness to these facts,” it said.

In the case of Lalrinliana, the Congress party alleged that he felt inhibited within the Congress party by his own anti-party remarks and actions. “Owing to his past activities and performances, Lalrinliana felt that he would retain his seat. This was the main reason his resignation from the party,” the statement alleged.

While Lalzirliana will contest from his home constituency Tawi, Lalzirliana will try his luck from Chalfilh constituency, both on MNF tickets.

In 2013, when Lalzirliana was health minister in the Congress government, he was accused of drug smuggling. The MNF had even staged a bandh demanding his removal. Later, he was removed from the Cabinet and became a mere MLA.

In the case of Chakma, the Congress alleged that as he sensed that he would no longer get party ticket, he looked for other parties that may offer him ticket. “He joined the BJP as it offered him ticket for his Tuichawng constituency,” the statement said.

However, on October 10, Chakma had wrote to CM and Mizoram Pradesh Congress president Lal Thanhawla in which he expressed his unwillingness to contest on a Congress ticket. This was a week before he resigned from the legislature and joined BJP.

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