Children in particular have been hit due to the outbreak of malaria in Dhalai district of Tripura

Agartala: A five-year-old boy died, while several other children have been hospitalised, as malaria has taken an alarming turn in Dhalai district of Tripura in the past couple of weeks.

The deceased, who died on Sunday evening, has been identified as Tikanti Tripura of Karma Kishore Para, a resident of Gandachhera in Dhalai. He was shifted to the district hospital from the Gandachhera hospital on that day in a serious condition. Children in large numbers are also getting treatment at various local hospitals, including at Dhalai district hospital.

The disease has also taken a serious turn in remote villages of Longtharai and Gandachhera, among others. However, the alarming rise of malaria, especially among the children, has created serious concern for the local administrations here.

“Amid the Durga Puja celebrations, people of remote tribal hamlets are suffering from deadly malaria. Children are the worst sufferers, but adults are also affected due to the disease,” said a senior medical staff of district hospital, adding: “Health workers and other medical staff members are working hard to bring the situation under control. Ground level workers are also focusing on generating awareness among villagers,” official sources said.

Meanwhile, medicated mosquito nets are being distributed among the inhabitants of remote villages to put a brake on the rise of the disease. However, most of the villagers have refused to use mosquito nets for reasons best known to them, sources alleged.

“We tried it, but we feel suffocated under the mosquito net. We can’t have a sound sleep,” said the mother of a malaria-affected baby.

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