The <i>Gurkha </i>film poster that has sparked outrage among the Gorkhas on Twitter over the ‘racist’ stereotyping of the community

Guwahati: The ‘first look’ poster of an upcoming Tamil movie that was tweeted on Saturday has sparked widespread outrage among the Gorkha community. The poster shows a watchman carrying a kukri or khukuri and wearing Bhadgaule topi, with a dog next to him, and the name of the film ‘Gurkha’ written underneath.

Obviously, the cultural stereotyping and racist portrayal of the Gorkhas as watchmen have not gone down well with the community.

Twitter user Shiva Chettri (@shivachettri) wrote:

Explaining the real meaning of ‘Gorkha’, another user Rakshak Kumar Acharya (@RakshakKumar) tweeted:

Reasserting the need for a Gorkha identity, a user @GorkhaCheli tweeted:

Following the outrage, Sam Anton, the director of Gurkha, was forced to clarify his stand on the issue. In a series of tweets and replies, he wrote:

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