A still from the play, <i>Poktringeida Shijage</i> (Better Dead Than Born Alive), was performed at the 26th Indian Theatre Olympiad in Cuttack, Odisha, recently

A still from the play, Poktringeida Shijage (Better Dead Than Born Alive)

Imphal: A Manipuri play, Poktringeida Shijage (Better Dead Than Born Alive), stole the show at the 26th edition of the Indian Theatre Olympiad that was held recently in Cuttack, Odisha. The play by the Manipur Dramatic Union from Imphal bagged not just one but four awards at the international festival of drama, dance and music. The festival was organised by the Utkal Yuva Sanskrutik Sangh at Sarala Bhavan in Cuttack and concluded on Monday.

Poktringeida Shijage bagged several awards including the ‘best play’ and ‘best director’ categories

Poktringeida Shijage bagged the ‘best play’ award along with ‘best director’ for Th Brajabidhu Singh, and ‘best actor’ and ‘best actress’ awards for L Bipin Singh and Th Madubala Devi, respectively.

Kartik Rath, general secretary of the Utkal Yuva Sanskrutik Sangh, said that the play was chosen for the ‘best play’ award for its powerful portrayal of the alarming problem of crimes against women in the present times. The play showed how it has become a curse to be born as a girl child.

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