CBI books DHFL, its former CMD and director in Rs 34,615 cr bank fraud
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U Aganthana, an ex-MP of Myanmar MP, was allegedly duped for over Rs 1 crore worth of donations by a Myanmar citizen residing in Mizoram.

Angthana, who was formerly the Parliament (Deputy Chairman) of the Chin State Parliament of Myanmar, fled to Mizoram in April 2021 following the 2021 February coup. “After coming to Mizoram, since I am not an Indian citizen and did not have a bank account, I got in touch with some friends who referred me to a man who was from my constituency of Mindat for help with receiving donations for our people,” he said.

“It is my duty as a citizen of Myanmar and its MLA to take care of the people of Myanmar and other refugees staying in Mizoram and other parts of the country. I have been arranging medicines and other necessities for the refugees and the people who have suffered under the army government. The National Unity Government has received several International organisations across the globe. However, since I am not allowed to have a Bank Account in Myanmar and do not have a Bank Account in India, I was forced to use the Bank Account of someone to receive donations coming through the National Unity Government,” he said.

Angthana accused the man, named Mangliana, of duping him of over Rs 1 crore worth of donations. According to the ex. MP, Mangliana has been living in Mizoram for over twenty years. Angthana put complete trust in him with the donations and even lived with him for over two months, but he has not heard from him since the first week of March 2022.

According to the ex. MP, the total amount received in donations from various organisations across the globe was around Rs 3.04 crore. This money was allegedly received by Mangliana in his bank account as well as his wife’s and other friends’ bank accounts. The total money U Angthana received from Mangliana was Rs 1.8 crore, lakhs but he says Mangliana has yet to return Rs. 1.24 crore of the funds. However, Mangliana has allegedly fled and has remained silent to date.

“Some people told me he has produced a death certificate while some told me he has been put under warrant for drug smuggling. I don’t know where he is,” said U Aungthana.

The donations had come in from May to December 2021 from organisations such as NUG (National Unity Government), his personal friends, online donations from individuals from the US, Singapore and other countries, former residents of Mandalay Division, Kanpetlet and others.

“I would like to clarify these facts to the people of Mizoram, the other NUG Officials, my fellow MLAs and the People of Myanmar,” said the former MP. Hoping that Mangliana will return the money once the issue receives attention from the media and the public. Angthana said he plans to file a police report only if Mangliana does not return the allegedly duped money in a month.

According to the latest reports, there are over 30,000 refugees currently residing in Mizoram across 146 camps. As of June 7, 2022, the state government had issued identity cards to 29, 751 refugees.

The refugees are largely dependent on donations for their survival with minimal assistance from the state government and an extended silence from the Central government. 

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