Guwahati: Stargazers worldwide will witness a rare celestial event on March 28 as five planets will align in a small section of the sky shortly after sunset.

Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars, and Venus will appear closer to one another from Earth, forming an arc as they align in a 50-degree sky sector.

Although the planetary parade will be visible from anywhere on Earth, those in the Northern Hemisphere are likely to get the best view — which means India could get a stunning view of the event.

The arrangement of planets will feature Jupiter and Mercury closest to the horizon, Mars next to the moon, and Venus nearby.

Uranus, the faintest and hardest to see, will appear as a “greenish star” above the moon. While two or three planets aligning in the sky is not unusual, the conjunction of five planets is a rare occurrence. The last time this event occurred was in 2022, the first time since December 2004.

Stargazers do not want to miss the event, as it is the grand finale after several other spectacular celestial events that took place earlier this month, such as the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, the Worm Moon, and the March Equinox.

Even though these events differ from astronomical alignments, where planets come together simultaneously on the same side of the Sun, the alignment of five planets is sure to be a breathtaking sight for stargazers worldwide.

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