Birsa Munda birth anniversary: Everything you need to know about the freedom fighter
Tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda

Guwahati: Birsa Munda was a young tribal freedom fighter who was arrested by the British on March 3, 1900, and died young at the age of 25 in the jail of Ranchi on June 9, 1900. He is remembered for his activism in the late 19th century against British India.

Who was Birsa Munda?

Birsa Munda was a tribal freedom fighter who was born and brought up in the tribal areas of Bihar and Jharkhand. He spent most of his childhood travelling from one place to another with his parents.

Birsa belonged to the Munda community in the Chotanagpur plateau region and received his education in Salga under the guidance of his teacher Jaipal Nag. Later, he converted into a Christian to join the German Mission School but dropped out when he found out that the Britishers were trying to convert the tribal people into Christians through education.

He soon created a faith called ‘Birsait’ after dropping out of school. Members of the Munda community started joining the faith which in turn became a challenge for the British conversation activities.

Birsa Munda vs British Soldiers

There were wars between Mundas and British soldiers for three years between 1897-1900. In August 1897, Birsa and 400 of his soldiers armed with arrowheads attacked the Khunti police station.

In 1898, the Mundas again clashed with the Britishers on the banks of the Tanga river, in which the British army was defeated at first but later arrested many tribal leaders from the region.

Birsa Munda’s arrest

Birsa was arrested on March 3, 1900. He was arrested while sleeping with his tribal guerrilla army in the Jamkoipai forest of Chakradharpur. He took his last breath in the Ranchi Jail on June 9, 1900, just six days after his arrest.

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