No celebration in India is complete without savouring some delicious sweets as they are the highlight of every Indian festival. The popular belief is that serving sweets in any occasion adds some enthusiasm to the festive spirits. So we have curated a list of the best homemade Diwali sweets for you.

Just like multicolored rangolis that adorn the entrances of our homes, there is nothing quite like a dessert table decked with a variety of Diwali sweets. Hence, mentioned below are some quick home treats that can be prepared with minimum efforts and in no time.

Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo is a popular Indian sweet which is served in almost every festival. They are round sweet balls made using besan, powdered sugar and ghee. They are easy to make and equally tasty, making a good option for Diwali sweets.


Jalebi is a spiral shaped fried sweet that is juicy and also crispy. Making jalebi might be a time-consuming affair but it is sure to put a smile on your guests face. It is also one of the most loved sweets on any occasion.

Goan Nevri

Nevri is a popular Konkani sweet which is quite similar to Gujiya. It is a stuffed sweet which consists of grated coconut and almonds. The best part of serving Goan Nevri as your Diwali sweet is that you don’t have to spend the whole day in the kitchen.

Rava Kheer

Step away from the regular kheer this Diwali and surprise your guests with Rava Kheer. It is a creamy concoction of suji, dry fruits and milk. Easy to make and delicious to eat.

Chocolate Gujiya

Serve the good old gujiyas with a twist as Diwali sweets this year by adding some chocolate. This fusion of chocolate with gujiyas is the modern avatar of the traditional sweet. Just add some chocolate sauce to the gujiyas and you are sorted.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of the classic Diwali sweets that will brighten up your festival menu. There are many pre-mixes for Gulab Jamun that are easy to make and also reduces your effort in the kitchen.

Cocount Barfis

These are simple Diwali sweets which can be made using just three ingredients. All you need is a few cocounts, some milk and sugar. Coconut Barfis are so easy to make that even beginners can try it out.


It is a simple pudding made with milk, ground rice, saffron and cardamoms. You can serve this as an after meal Diwali dessert too.


Malpuwa is the Indian version of a pancake and is a good option to serve as Diwali sweets. They are dipped in sugar syrup and garnished with pistachios.

Gajar Ka Halwa

This is a classic Indian sweet dish made with carrots, milk and sugar. No celebration in India is complete without a hot bowl of Gajar ka Halwa.

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