International Tiger Day: Unique facts to know about tigers

International Tiger Day is celebrated every year on July 29 to raise awareness about this magnificent big cat. This day also calls for the acknowledgement of tiger conservation.

This day aims to promote and create a worldwide system that is dedicated towards protecting tigers, their corridors, and their natural habitats. 

A safe and thriving habitat for this apex hunter ensures we also conserve other species and our forests too.

Through International Tiger Day we can work for a future where humans and tigers can co-habit peacefully and bring a halt their declining population.

Some amazing and unique facts about this magnificent cat-

  • Tigers are the largest wild cat species in the world

A male tigers weighs up to 300 kilograms. Wow! That’s like weighing a group of five average humans.

  • Tigers are good swimmers

These large cats enjoy spending time in water and love swimming for hours. It is said that they can swim for several kilometres and even have been reported to swim for approximately 30 kilometres in a day.

  • No two tigers have the same stripes

Stripe patterns are unique to each individual and are not symmetrical. Even the colours of the stripes vary from light to dark.

  • At full speed, tigers have clocked an impressive 65 kmph

Tigers have very strong limbs which enable them to sprint at about 60 kmph, though only for short distances.

  • Tigers are mostly nocturnal

Not all tigers are nocturnal but some do prefer hunting at night. This is because tigers avoid human conflict during daylight and patrol around their territory at night.

  • Tigers live to about 25 years

The average lifespan of tigers in the wild is between 20-25 years. Whether kept in captivity or in the wild, most die before the age of 20.

  • Tigers’ saliva is known to be antiseptic

Tigers’ saliva contain lysozyme enzymes which attack the cell walls of wounds, providing defence against infection. They also lick themselves to clean their coat.

  • Tigers cubs are born blind and only half of them survive.

Tiger cubs are born blind and only a few make it to adulthood. They attain full vision after a couple of weeks.

The new-born cubs cannot see, they only follow the scent of their mother. Since they are born blind and can’t keep up, most of them die of cold or hunger.

  • Rumour has it that their urine smells like buttered popcorn.

The smell that emits from a tigers urine is similar to buttered popcorn, but don’t get tempted because it also signifies as a warning sign to intruders in its territory.

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