A video first uploaded by Twitter user Megh Updates has caught the eye of social media users, leading to an outpour of angry reactions with #ArrestLucknowGirl now trending on the site. In the now-viral clip, a woman is seen mercilessly slapping a man at the Awadh crossing in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

The woman accused the man, who is a cab driver, of hitting her with his cab. The video shows that the woman is continuously slapping the cab driver, breaks his phone and also grabs him by the collar.

The incident took place in front of the traffic police and caused a massive traffic jam on the busy road. The police tried to reason with the woman, yet she is seen to continued to slap the cab driver.

The video has enraged a lot of people on social media, demanding justice for the driver using the hashtag #ArrestLucknowGirl.

Angry netizens are criticising the incident and are drawing comparisons on whether it is right for a woman to hit a man like that without any consequences. They are also comparing the incident with the Zomato delivery guy-Influencer case where a similar situation occurred where the woman accused the delivery guy of punching her.

Social media users have shared the full CCTV traffic footage showing that the girl was crossing the road when the light was still green. Check reactions below:

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