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In yet another case highlighting how unsafe Delhi is for women, a few women belonging to the Northeast have uploaded a shameful video on Instagram. The video, uploaded on July 19, shows an incident from the previous day, where two women are being harassed on streets in Hauz Khas Village, at around 10 pm. 

The women were out meeting their friends and were waiting for their cab when a group of “middle-aged” men approached. One of the men from the group asked the lady ‘Rate kya hai?’ (What is your rate?), assuming them to be sex workers.

The lady reacted by raising her voice. Soon after, her friend arrived on the spot. This made the group of men run away. As reported by the women in the video, the surrounding people neither reacted nor came to aid them.

The women reported the matter to a police officer who was passing by, but as reported by them, instead of dealing with the matter at hand, the official just smiled. Later that night at about 11:30 pm as said by the friend, the women went to a restaurant where another police official intervened, asking them about their destination. The police officer’s repeated question to one of them: “Are you a dancer?” He added that the women should be honest with him as he would not do anything to them. The women clarified that they were students and said that they would video record the policeman. On hearing that, the police official ran away.

The two women, who have been living in Delhi for 5 and 2 years, said this was the first time they have faced such a situation of blatant sexism and racial discrimination.

“This is Sexual Harassment & Racial Discrimination, just because we look different and was waiting for our friend to come & this didn’t happen out in the streets, it happened right inside hkv next to the fort,” said the caption of the video. Here’s the link to the Instagram video.

EastMojo will update the story once we get further information.

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