Modi govt has blood on their hand: Kunal Kamra’s 'critical' opinion video on NY Times

Kunal Kamra accused the nation’s leadership, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi of putting political prestige and pride before common sense and inviting a devastating resurgence of Covid-19 infections that devastated the whole nation.

In an opinion video for the New York Times, Kamra said, “If PM Modi and other political leaders responded more quickly and more effectively, a lot of lives and heartache would have been spared.

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“My people are needlessly dying,” Kamra said, adding, “Our government has blood on its hands.”

India has been struggling for weeks amid this second wave. At the peak of the crisis, new infections numbered over 400,000 a day. Since then, the daily counts of infections and deaths have dropped.

Kamra also mentioned the political rallies conducted during the West Bengal Elections by PM modi and his political party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)  and clearly called him a “super-spreader”

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