The High Court of Punjab and Haryana has recently dismissed a petition filed by a lawyer seeking action against Prince Harry, as allegedly went back on his promise of marrying her.

According to a report in LiveLaw, the petitioner, Palwinder Kaur, who is an advocate had produced some emails, which according to her were exchanged with Prince Harry, in which he promised to marry her.

The petitioner sought legal action against Prince Harry, and arrest warrants to be issued so that no further delay would occur in the marriage.

The court asked if she ever travelled to the United Kingdom, to which she said no. However, Kaur insisted she had communicated with the Prince on social media, and even claimed that she had sent messages to Prince Charles that she was engaged to his younger son.

Dismissing the petition, Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan observed, “I find that this petition is nothing, but a day-dreamer’s fantasy about marrying Prince Harry.”

Further, the High Court said, “It is well-known fact that fake IDs are created on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and authenticity of such conversation cannot be relied upon by this Court. There is every possibility that so-called Prince Harry may be sitting in a Cyber Cafe of a village in Punjab, looking for greener pastures for himself.”

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