India is the country of chai lovers. From bed tea to start our day to a quick cuppa to burn the midnight oil, tea is India’s official answer to coffee.

The beverage, sold across the country, ranges from Rs 5 at a roadside stall to a few hundred bucks at fancy restaurants. However, an exquisite cup of tea at Kolkata’s Nirjash Tea Stall in Mukundapur sells for Rs 1,000.

After quitting his job in a private company, Kolkata resident Partha Pratim Ganguly started the tea stall in 2014. He took a leap of faith and started with the concept of flavoured teas, which was quite a new one at the time.

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He began with six to seven type of tea, and as the business took off, Ganguly expanded his collection to over 100 types of tea, from India and all over the world.

The most expensive variety – Silver Needle White Tea – sells for Rs 1,000 a cup and rightly deserves so.

Talking to EastMojo, Ganguly said he launched this variety in 2019. He explained, compared to other variants, this tea costs a whopping Rs 2.90 lakh per kg.

In fact, it is one of the purest teas in the world. 100 kg of Silver Needle White Tea requires three times more effort, expense, money and labour as compared to 100 kg regular black tea.

Ganguly says, quitting the private job and doing something of his own has given him utmost satisfaction.

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