Rahul Gandhi being manhandled by the police Credit: Twitter Image

Uttar Pradesh Police detains Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for flouting ban on mass gatherings as both, accompanied by a large number of Congress workers, rallied towards Hathras village in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had earlier accused Uttar Pradesh police of lathi charging and pushing him on the ground when he and his sister marched towards Hathras was stopped by the police authorities.

Gandhi and his sister’s cars were allegedly stopped by the police after which they decided to tread on foot to meet the family of the gang rape victim who died on Tuesday creating an uproar throughout the nation.

Earlier to the Gandhis visit, section 144 had been imposed in the district along with all the borders being sealed citing coronavirus. Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh police also lathi-charged a few Samajwadi Party workers as they were also trying to reach the victim’s house.

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Rahul and Priyanka blasted the ruling BJP government on Twitter for the use of force in trying to stop them. “Prevented us from going to Hathras. When we all went out on foot with Rahul ji, we were repeatedly stopped, used lathi in a barbaric manner. Many workers are injured. But our intention is sure. The sticks of an egotistical government cannot stop us. I wish this lathi, this police would have stood in defense of Hathras’s dalit daughter.” tweeted Priyanka Gandhi.

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As Congress party workers rallied on the roads and chanted slogans, the Gandhis’ SUV went past the Delhi-UP border but their convoy was stopped at about 142 km from Hathras at a point in Greater Noida. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi then came out of their vehicle and strode with large troop of party supporters, rallying cries against UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. At a point the police started pushing back the front where the Gandhis have alleged the use of force.

In another development, the media has been barred from entering the woman’s village.

UP officers claimed the restrictions had been in place since September 1 owning to several policemen who had shown Covid-19 symptoms. However, the Congress accused the UP administration of using such gambits to impede the Gandhis from entering the village.

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