Born and raised in the Himalayas, founder of Himalayan Natives, Bhupendra Khanal attributes the rapid growth to his loyal customers who are interested in living happy, healthier lives Credit: File Photo

Shilajit and other amazing herbal resins are not the only great things to come out of the Himalayas. In Bangalore, a Himalayan couple is once again registering the territory on the global map with their brand, Himalayan Natives.

Natural foods promote good health. This is the mantra of Bhupendra Khanal who, together with his wife, founded the Himalayan Natives as a solution to the healthy food needs of people all over the world. Khanal believes that in order to live healthy lives, the quality of foods we take into our bodies has a huge role to play. The Himalayan Natives’ products offer several health benefits based on the nutritious components of the product.

All over India, Himalayan Natives ranks number one when it comes to the production and exportation of yak ghee, while ranking second worldwide. Born and raised in the Himalayas, Khanal and his wife were influenced greatly by their immediate environment. The purity and serenity of their surroundings were great sources of inspiration all through their childhood. They were surrounded by beautiful landscapes which consisted of mountains, valleys, beautiful species of plants and trees and amazing people; all serving as their source of inspiration. Even the air felt different.

The couple did not realize the influence of their environment until they moved to Bangalore. Khanal says the love for the Himalayan local delicacies and the feeling of being homesick were the major motivation behind the establishment of the food-based company dedicated to healthy and nutritious products.

The products promote great health through the promotion of muscle growth, the fortification of bones, and the burning of excess body fat

Khanal and his wife began the Himalayan Natives with three product categories, and after about two years, they have grown to seven categories with over 30 products, all from local ingredients and free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. Khanal has this to say, “We have been fortunate to have the support of our amazing customers, and are grateful that we were able to help them experience a more natural way of life, and bring them closer to nature.”

Khanal attributes the rapid growth to his loyal customers who are interested in living happy, healthier lives. He says their foods promote great health through the promotion of muscle growth, the fortification of bones, and the burning of excess body fat. It is also beneficial to the heart.

“Our ghee products are made from the milk of purebred desi cows. All our products are 100% natural, sourced ethically and sustainably. Our other products such as raw honey, pink salt, seeds, rice and pulses are equally loved by all,” Khanal claims.

As Khanal’s company continues to grow, he has encountered several challenges over the course of its two years of existence. One major blow that is worthy of mention is the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has threatened the survival of businesses around the world as a result of the economic uncertainty it presents. Khanal notes that it created fear of safety and risk among people as regards the ordering of packages, food, etc, from outside. Consumers were being very careful with their purchases and it has created a market for authentic and premium products that are safe.”

However, Khanal assures that Himalayan Natives will continually strive to provide a safe and warm environment for their loyal customers. He says the company has taken some measures since the pandemic hit in full force. “That is when we started programs to provide COVID kits, staples, and essentials to our partners to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers. We wanted to stay true to our values, and help those who are vulnerable and less fortunate by providing them with these supplies.”

“But soon we realized that the market had become very volatile, as the demand for these products was more than the supply. That is when we took the decision of manufacturing our own masks and eventually sanitizers. And basically that is how we came up with this arm of Care by Himalayan Natives. It just happened within a matter of two weeks,” he adds.

The selling point of the products of the Himalayan Natives is their purity and health benefits. People often prefer natural and healthy foods over artificial foods or those with some chemicals and additives. Khanal realized this early on and keyed into it, building his entire company around natural, healthy foods to customers. Khanal’s main priority is to help customers lead a better life, and “by staying true to our purpose and listening to our customers, we’ve been able to grow and have the success we’ve had in the past couple of years,” he says.

Among their numerous products available to customers, Badri Ghee is their bestseller. Khanal spent time building his customer base for this product. Although he faced challenges introducing this variant of ghee to the market, it was well worth it. Khanal visualises “taking this further and turning Himalayan Natives into a wholesome natural food product store where you can get all your grocery essentials and more,” is the way to go.

For youths who desire a career in agribusiness, Khanal has some tips; “Networking, taking public speaking and communication courses to build confidence, making a plan and finally just going ahead to do it” are keys to achieving greatness in the field. He has shown that passion and hard work are two main ingredients for success, and is navigating the rough terrains of global business where he has created a niche for their own heritage, Himalayan Natives.

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