Introduction of e-bikes will help ease traffic jams Credit: Twitter

Residents in Bandra Kurla complex and surrounding areas of Mumbai can now heave a sigh of relief following the launch of electric bikes by Yulu. The move seeks to ease the difficulty faced by residents in the areas. Transportation around Bandra Kurla Complex and its environs can at times prove very difficult.

Sometimes, it is as a result of very scanty vehicular movement, and other times, too many vehicles in the area leading to vehicular congestion. Moving from one point to another can sometimes be a nightmare especially during business hours. It can get very frustrating trying to go about your business within a specified time limit.

Taking to Twitter, Yulu tweeted, “Today, we launched our services at Bandra Kurla Complex to make commute safe, simple and more affordable for people commuting to BKC and nearby areas! Here are some snippets from the wonderful launch #Yulu #BKC #launch @CMOMaharashtra @MMRDAOfficial @OfficeofUT @AUThackeray”

The e-bike transportation service will be offered in Bandra East, Bandra Kurla Complex and Kurla stations across the busy city. While it may seem a daunting task to resolve the transportation debacle in Bandra Kurla, Yulu has got the e-bikes sharing platform to be backed by Bajaj Auto.

The company drafted a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) on the 31st of January 2020. This memorandum includes an agreement to provide over 500 electric bikes in 25 different parts of the city.

The Commissioner of MMRDA, RA Rajeev says this new development was to begin February 2020, but as a result of the unprecedented pandemic situation, it was put on hold. Finally on August 31st 2020, the new facility became operational.

Commissioner Rajeev also points out that the MMRDA has for a long time sought proactive ways to combat the increasingly consistent traffic jams around the Bandra Kurla Complex area.

Rajeev says that the introduction of electric bikes would help ease the traffic jams if more people were to utilize them. Yulu sets in place strategies to ensure the operation of their electric bikes are in a phased manner throughout the Bandra Kurla Complex region.

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The cost of utilisation of these services according to MMRDA includes a Rs 5 initial unlocking charge and Rs 1.5 for every minute of the ride. Rides across the city would be charged per minute, so the longer the ride, the more the cost of the ride.

MMRDA also reveals that subsequently, structures would be put in place to encourage recharges every month and a subsequent bonus of 20 to 100% would be given to customers.

Yulu has begun to spread its wings from the borders of Bengaluru to new areas of Navi Mumbai and New Delhi. Besides the loans obtained, Yulu has been able to generate over USD 15million.

Chief Operating Officer and Co founder of Yulu, Hermant Gupta reveals that the electric bike services will be available constantly, round the clock with commuters over 16 years of age being able to utilize the service without a license.

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, Yulu constantly takes precautions against the spread of the virus by sanitizing their electric bikes constantly. MMRDA’s partnership with Yulu is part of their Station Access And Mobility Programme (STAMP).

This program involves an initiative for partnership with pro technological applications, aimed at crowd management, the increased availability of convenient last-mile services and seamless commuter experience.

Commissioner Rajeev says, “This project will lead to actual deployment of solutions which will be scaled up by MMRDA for all metro lines as they get completed to provide delightful commuting experience to Mumbaikars.”

For residents who have had to commute round the Bandra-Kurla Complex during this pandemic, navigating through the rush hour attending to one business or the other have just got so much easier. Yulu says the idea behind the bikes was to create solutions that are easier, seamless and effective.

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