The first batch of medicines are already on its way to Morigaon district in Assam
The first batch of medicines are already on its way to Morigaon district in Assam|EastMojo image

From Noida to Assam, 'Medicine Bank' to offer relief to flood-hit areas

After a successful ‘roti’ donation drive, good Samaritans of Noida & Greater Noida housing societies have now opened a 'medicine bank' for flood-hit areas

Bitopan Deka

Guwahati: The pioneers behind the famed 'Roti Bank' have now come up with another idea — this time to send medicines to the needy. Good Samaritans of Noida and Greater Noida housing societies have now opened a 'Medicine Bank' to help people affected by floods in Assam and Bihar.

This noble initiative is undertaken by Dr Pranab Jyoti Patar, a resident of Noida set out to send relief to the grieving people in his homeland -- Assam. Started on his own, the man hailing from Morigaon district has now received support from every corner of Delhi NCR in his act of benevolence.

With the emergence of coronavirus, 'Roti Bank' has helped fill empty stomachs of many living in Noida and Greater Noida during the lockdown. Now they have set out to procure medicines which would get sent to people in need living in Assam where floods have blemished people's lives.

Using the same modus operandi donors are asked to leave the medicines with the security personnel of their respective societies from where it gets collected. Many have also connected through social media to tie up with his endeavour. The drugs which are mostly sought are for illnesses such as cough, fever, skin diseases, diarrhoea etc. and also antibiotics and liver syrup. The medicines should also have more than six months left on the expiry date.

Dr Patar was filled with grief when he saw grim images of Assam floods which has engulfed the majority of the state and wanted to help out the people who have suffered. It was his father, living in one of the flood affected districts in Morigaon who suggested that other than food or financial help, medicines are also the need of the hour. The Noida resident was up and running again time, collecting medicines and the message was spread far and wide.

This step was taken after due consultation with the Indian Red Cross Society of Morigaon district who would provide a helping hand in delivering the medicines. They would reach the village headman and then would be passed on to the needy. In their noble cause Chief executive officers of Noida authority have also extended their help in collecting medicines for this initiative.

The first batch of medicines are already on its way to Assam. Dr Patar intends to carry on with this virtuous move and to send medicines to all regions swayed away by floods.

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