Tell me if there is any wrestler ready for a fight," Vikas Dubey is seen saying in the video
Tell me if there is any wrestler ready for a fight," Vikas Dubey is seen saying in the video|EastMojo image

Old video of deceased gangster Vikas Dubey giving wrestling challenge now viral

The wrestling challenge was allegedly given by Vikas Dubey a few days before his death; video surfaces now

Team EastMojo

Team EastMojo

New Delhi: A video that has been doing the rounds of social media is that of now-deceased gangster Vikas Dubey issuing an open challenge for a wrestling bout.

Sources said that the video was taken a few days prior to his arrest and his subsequent death in a shootout. In the video, Dubey can be seen in a white vest and black brief smiling and challenging by raising his hands in the air, “batao hai koi ladne wala pehelwan… (tell me if there is any wrestler ready for a fight).”

Dubey was the main accused in the Kanpur ambush which led to the death of eight policemen. Following his arrest on July 9, he was reportedly killed in an encounter after a road accident while he was being taken to Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh from Madhya Pradesh on the morning of July 10.

Meanwhile, there have been more startling revelations that have come to the fore, one being that he was allegedly fond of equipping his aides with sophisticated Munger-made pistols. Also during the interrogation of some of his aides, it was revealed that the ex-gangster had a very wide network of illegal firearm suppliers. This includes Bihar’s Munger which is also infamous for producing illegal sophisticated pistols.

Additionally, firearm smugglers from Shuklaganj, Billhaur, and Unnao used to provide Dubey’s gang members with arms and ammunitions. The aides of Dubey allegedly said that nearly half-a-dozen such pistols were also used apart from the licensed firearms on the day when eight policemen were killed in the ambush.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, a team of forensic experts reached the site of the alleged encounter that killed Dubey and recreated the scene as well, said reports.

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