Both wife and her lover were allegedly involved in the murder
Both wife and her lover were allegedly involved in the murder|Representational image

Woman ‘electrocutes’ husband after he finds about her affair in Rajasthan

Days after the death of a man in Barmer, widowed wife allegedly comes clean about her involvement in stating that he found about her affair

Team EastMojo

Team EastMojo

New Delhi: In a bizarre tale of “love went wrong”, the death of a 35-year-old man due to electrocution some 20 days ago, turned out to be an alleged murder by his wife after he found out about her affair.

The incident occurred in the Deengarh area under Chauhatan police station of Barmer district. According to the police investigations, the husband — Manaram — had unearthed the fact that his 30-year-old wife, Papu Devi, had an affair with one Hanumanram. So, in order to get Manaram out of the equation, she and her lover allegedly came up with a plan to kill her husband. As of now, the brother of the deceased, Togaram, has lodged a police case against Devi and the lover.

On June 15, the brother received a call from Devi stating that her husband is not talking to her. The family members then arrived at the scene only to see blood on Manaram’s feet which later the accused told that was due to electrocution. After informing the police the body was taken for autopsy.

According to the report filed by the brother, the victim’s family members questioned Devi for 12 days after her husband’s death and she later reportedly confessed of the crime. Devi allegedly gave some sleeping pills to her husband and then went forward to put live wire on his fingers which ultimately led to his death. Police reports say that even the accused lover Hanumanram also confessed to his crime.

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