The platform now has over 160 million users and 60 million monthly active users
The platform now has over 160 million users and 60 million monthly active users|Twitter image

Amid ban on Chinese apps, India's ShareChat clocks 15 mn downloads

Within 36 hours of ban on 59 Chinese apps, ShareChat clocks record 15 million downloads; even MyGov launches official account there

Amlan Jyoti Das

Amlan Jyoti Das

New Delhi: Following the recent imposition of ban by the government of India on 59 Chinese-based Apps, including the infamous TiKTok, many indigenous apps are now witnessing a sudden spike in their downloads and usage.

On Wednesday, ShareChat said it clocked a record 15 million downloads within just 36 hours after the announcement of the ban.

The company claimed that it recorded 5 lakh downloads on an hourly basis. Moreover, the platform has already seen more than one lakh posts supporting the Cetre's stance towards the banning of China-based apps. These posts, on the other hand, were liked by over 1 million users and additionally with over half a million shares on WhatsApp. The platform now has over 160 million users and 60 million monthly active users.

So what is the story behind ShareChat? Well, it was founded by three IIT Kanpur graduates way back in 2015. ShareChat prioritised communication in local language and these include posts, creative banners, hashtags, and even posters. To be precise, ShareChat is a direct rival to platforms like WeChat which serves as an alternative to content creation and social media platforms.

Not wanting to be late to the party, even the Indian government also jumped on the bandwagon. With anti-China sentiments on the rise, the digital e-governance department of the Modi government, MyGov, also launched its official account on ShareChat. This was a day after the ban was announced. This move by the government will allow them to reach out to 60 million users in as many as 15 Indian languages.

ShareChat is just one such India-based platform that saw a rapid rise in its user base. Applications like Mitron, Chingari, Bolo Indya, Roposo are a few others that are also flourishing during this period.

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