Let's Social Distance from long 'trips', goes the caption
Let's Social Distance from long 'trips', goes the caption|Twitter image

Mumbai Police's anti-drug tweet is as hilarious as it is 'trippy'

Known for their witty posts, Mumbai police's new Twitter post combines COVID-19 and social distancing with #SayNoToDrugs message

Amlan Jyoti Das

Amlan Jyoti Das

Guwahati: Just because we are amid a pandemic does not mean that one should not forget to say no to drugs or #SayNoToDrugs. Mumbai police certainly did not as their latest tweet is a psychedelic tribute to the senses.

Usually known for their witty Twitter posts, the Mumbai police have certainly outdone themselves this time. Their latest post combines social distancing, long “trips” with #SayNoToDrugs to LSD.

Check out their post which goes with the caption, “Let’s Social Distance from long ‘trips’ #SayNoToDrugs”

Twitterati went on a roll with their equally hilarious reactions and retweets as well.

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