The map has angered many Twitter users who shared their views on the micro-blogging site
The map has angered many Twitter users who shared their views on the micro-blogging site|Twitter image

#RealMapOfChina: Twitterati irked by China's expansionist mission

Indian news channel posts 'real' map of China depicting areas which it has 'illegally' occupied; map rouses ire of Twitter users

Amlan Jyoti Das

Amlan Jyoti Das

Guwahati: An Indian news channel has released the "real" Chinese map which shows the original area of the country. This map also depicts the territories and lands which China has reportedly illegally occupied and now claims as its own.

Moments after NewsX posted the map, #RealMapOfChina has started trending on Twitter with some users claiming that few parts of the map needed rectification. Many even voiced out their opinion about the unfair and illegal occupancy of various territories and wanted the map to be known to all and published in various channels.

The map, which was shared on June 9, depicts a maximum area of the Northeastern state, Arunachal Pradesh, to come under China.

This naturally roused the ire of Twitterati. Senior journalist and The Arunachal Times deputy editor Tongam Rina tweeted: "What the hell did you do with Arunachal in this map?? Gave it to China? Correct this please... ignorance is no bliss."

Several others jumped on the bandwagon.

Many even talked about the parts of Tibet that were shown as Chinese areas, Aksai Chin is shown as East Turkmenistan, and Areas of Ladakh near Chusul, Demchok, Pangong Tso till Khurnak Fort are shown as Tibet.

Some even lauded the channel's efforts in bringing out the reality of China with tweets.

The discrepancies were later rectified by the channel who on June 10 gave a revised map stating, "Thousands wrote in. Thanks. Here's #RealMapOfC 2.0. Improved depiction of McMahon line, Taiwan & South China sea islands indicator added. Serious cartographers please take this up."

The map shows 'China Proper' -- the area which is actually China and without its regions which the country has occupied. The other areas include Chinese Occupied Tibet (COT), Chinese Occupied South Mongolia (COSM), Chinese Occupied East Turkestan (COET),Chinese Occupied Yunnan (COY), Chinese Occupied Manchuria (COM),Chinese Occupied Macau (COMa), Chinese Occupied Hong Kong (COHK), Taiwan, Chinese Occupied Macau (COMa).

Areas belonging to India are also depicted in the map which include Chinese Occupied Ladakh (COL), Chinese Occupied Shaksgam (COS) and Chinese Occupied Pamir Valley (COPV).

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