Ex-minister makes son clean roads for misbehaving with  cops in MP
The former minister’s son was riding on the streets of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh without wearing mask when policemen stopped himEastMojo image

Ex-minister makes son clean roads for misbehaving with cops in MP

Ex-minister Pradumna Singh Tomar’s son threatens cops for stopping him for not wearing mask in Gwalior; Tomar apologises, later makes son clean roads as ‘punishment’

New Delhi: The entire nation is appreciating the indomitable efforts of policemen working on the frontline to ensure that the COVID-19 lockdown is enforced in totality.

So, when former minister of Madhya Pradesh and BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia loyalist Pradumna Singh Tomar came to know that his son Ripudaman had misbehaved with policemen on duty, he made him clean the roads for an hour as 'punishment'.

Around April 30, a video started doing the rounds on social media in which a man is seen stopped by policemen on duty as he is roaming around Gwalior without a mask. Upon being stopped, the man is seen arguing and threatening the policemen with his father’s name. He is then heard shouting “Photo kheech raha he nai, teri photo mein kheechwa dunga” as a policeman starts to record the incident. He is also heard in the video calling someone, “Call this constable to the bungalow and tell who I am.”

Later, in the evening, the ex-minister took his son to the same spot, apologised to the police for his son’s misbehaviour and even paid a fine of Rs 100.

Tomar even made Ripudaman clean the roads along with other municipal workers as 'punishment' for his misconduct with the on-duty police officers; this time with a mask on.

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