Odisha became the first state in India which implemented mandatory use of masks while going outdoors

Bhubaneswar: In a latest move to contain the deadly coronavirus pandemic, the revenue and disaster management department of Odisha has made the use of face masks or clothes with at least two layers mandatory for all residents when they come out of their houses for any purpose. Odisha became the first state in the country to do so and the order shall come into effect from 7 am on April 9.

Noting that COVID-19 is becoming a great threat to human life and can spread its infection at a very rapid rate, the order becomes much necessary in such grave times. With total confirmed cases of 4,858 of the entire nation, this move is will be instrumental in reducing contact with the virus via the nose and mouth in the form of droplets.

Usage of masks while outdoors drastically reduces the chances of infection in the form of droplets 

“The general public is directed to cover their mouth and nose with any available form of the mask while stepping out of the house for any purpose. A handkerchief or any other piece of cloth in at least two layers can also be used for the purpose, until further orders,” stated an official order from the revenue and disaster management department of Odisha on Monday.

The order further stated that masks have been found to be extremely useful in controlling and containing the spread of COVID-19 with reference to examples from various global and national experiences.

However, one needs to be extremely careful while handling the masks as well. Single-use masks must be disposed of after its use and clothes used for the purpose of covering should be cleaned with disinfectants after every use. Moreover, masks used by one person should never be used by another one.

The order also focused on the need for physical distancing and isolation measures to contain the disease spread.

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