A video shared on Twitter has once again shown that humans have no regard for the life of wild animals. Supriya Sahu, an IAS officer, shared a short clip where two elephants can be seen charging at a car after the driver tried to obstruct their movement. She called the behaviour of the onlookers ‘totally barbaric and unacceptable’ and several other Twitter users agreed with her.

In the clip, two elephants and a calf can be seen walking alongside the road. A driver parks his car in the middle of the road to hinder the movement of the animals as they turn. This makes the adult elephants furious and they can be seen charging towards the car.

Seeing this, the driver reverses his car and the elephants move to the other direction. Some onlookers can be seen capturing the incident on their mobile phones while some can be heard shouting, using expletives in Kannada in the video.

The incident took place on Friday on Chamarajanagar-Sathyamangalam national highway in Karnataka.

“Totally unacceptable and barbaric behaviour by some idiotic onlookers. Just because Elephants are gentle, they are being magnanimous to these uncouth minions otherwise it does not take much for these gentle giants to show their power. Video-shared. Believed to be in Hasanur Karnataka,” Sahu tweeted.

Netizens were quick to criticise the driver’s behaviour and also the use of horns in the vicinity of animals. “Don’t honk.. don’t shout or make noise, don’t try to take videos.. should have stopped as soon as he saw elephants but he tries to pass them!” a user commented. 

Another user wrote “What is barbaric here? I don’t find any fault of Car owner. His car didn’t even touch them instead he tried for uTurn but couldn’t do so.” 

A third user commented ” Humans thinking, we are the only ones with rights. Its saddening to see so much traffic cutting across forests.. Cant we leave the jungles alone? if so important, we can always have hanging bridges for vehicles. or best avoid roads and prefer ring roads.”

Susanta Nanda, Indian Forest Service officer also shared the video saying elephant with calves are extremely protective.

“Elephant with calves are over protective and can charge at anything coming their way. Keep out of their way. In such situations, keep the vehicles engine on. They shall pass,”  Nanda tweeted.

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