Dolby Atmos is a next-generation immersive audio technology, with sound that moves around you in an immersive soundscape. While sound recorded in stereo is limited to left and right channels, sound mixed in Dolby Atmos is free of the limitation of channels.

Directors and sound mixers use this advanced technology to create spectacular entertainment, which you can experience on your TV or personal portable devices enabled with Dolby Atmos.

When you experience entertainment enabled with Dolby Atmos, the device decodes the audio signal and re-creates the exact placement of every sound in 3D space, as the creator intended. Experience on Dolby Atmos enabled mobiles, tablets and PCs and feel the entertainment all around you — even overhead. 

EastMojo conducted an email interview with Dolby, SpiceJet and Mojoboxx to understand more on this issue. For Dolby, the responses were from Pankaj Kedia, Managing Director, Emerging Markets; for SpiceJet, the responses were from Debojo Maharshi, CMO and for Mojoboxx, the responses came from Manoj Gupta, Founder.

How can flyers enjoy content in Dolby Atmos?

SpiceJet passengers will be able to enjoy their favorite Dolby Atmos enabled content including blockbuster movies and podcasts on compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled personal portable devices. Flyers can enjoy this immersive audio experience via SpiceJet’s in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, SpiceScreen developed by MojoBoxx, an Indian Technology Start-Up providing digital travel experience solutions. 

To cater to the evolving consumer sentiment, MojoBoxx worked with content partners like Eros Now & Earshot, to extend their content library comprising blockbuster Bollywood films & podcasts in Dolby Atmos to SpiceJet flyers.

How is technology catering to the enhanced consumer behaviour when it comes to content consumption?

Over the last few years, the content consumption pattern amongst consumers has witnessed significant behavioral changes. People are now consuming on-demand content on multiple devices across a wide range of the screen sizes – at home or on the go. With this increase in content consumption, the demand for immersive experience in terms of audio and visual quality has also intensified. 

At Dolby, we are always scouting for new ways to ensure seamless and effective delivery of high-quality audio and video solutions which will enable transformative experiences for consumers. Dolby Atmos is reinventing how content is made and experienced as it immerses you in your favorite entertainment with sound that moves all around you with breathtaking realism.

Superior and premium digital audio experiences are now increasingly shaping the consumer’s daily lifestyle. Sound is becoming an extremely important element of the overall entertainment experience, one that can make or break your entire experience. At Dolby, we aim to bring innovations to consumers and are working with multiple partners including leading mobile, tablet and PC OEM brands to integrate our technology and provide advanced imaging and audio experience to our consumers.

For Mojoboxx

How is Mojoboxx providing enhanced digital travel experience?

MojoBoxx is an In-flight Entertainment and Connectivity marvel, revolutionizing the air travel experience for passengers and brands. It provides digital travel experience solutions to consumers, brands & advertisers in an unconnected environment for Airlines, Railways, Metros, and long-distance road travels.

Being India’s first ever avionics startup to be T-PED EMC Certified from the FAA-EASA certification bodies, MojoBoxx is the first-ever startup approved by DGCA – Ministry of Civil Aviation in the Indian aviation history of 15 years. It’s the world’s first-ever smartphone-based in-flight media platform, where just a pair of smartphone IFE can create a Wi-Fi network across the entire Boeing737 or Airbus 320. Up to 80 passengers can simultaneously stream pre-stored super-fast HD video on their own smart devices.

Running a complete home-to-home travel services platform providing entertainment to e-commerce offerings, it holds proprietary carbon optimized hardware that is as light as 181 grams, transmitting dedicated data speed above 70 Mbps for buffer-free streaming. 

Over the past 12 months, the company has served over 90 million platform engagements with an average session time of over 45 minutes, a feat achieved by no OTT giants on the ground. Working with 500+ media distributors worldwide, MojoBoxx provides bespoke content solutions for all IFE needs with a wireless installation and zero hassle for the airline, making MojoBoxx one of the most profitable IFE service providers in the world.

For Spicejet

How did this collaboration come about? 

SpiceJet wanted to launch a personalized complimentary in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, which would enhance the travel experience for passengers from the ground to mid-air.

To exemplify a bespoke content Wireless-IFE solution SpiceJet in collaboration with MojoBoxx developed SpiceScreen, where passengers today can access the SpiceScreen web app on their mobile devices to enjoy content spanning from movies, shows, stand-up comedies, podcasts & much more.

Today, we have a plethora of content from blockbuster movies, trending TV shows, destination informative videos to regional movies and podcasts. We enable cab booking services mid-air thus providing an ultimate hospitality experience that covers the passenger’s wants & needs from air to ground.

How are you educating your consumers about this experience? 

SpiceScreen has some exciting new features that have been onboarded in the pandemic period, making a Wireless-IFE solution much more practical, robust, and expansive in nature.

From enabling a flyer with the latest movies on the go, providing a gaming zone, and helping book a confirmed airport cab in mid-air, SpiceJet developed SpiceScreen enhances passenger services onboard exponentially. It offers a complete infotainment experience system solving the real pain of customers standing in long queues at airports or stations.

Constantly expanding on partnerships like Dolby Atmos, onboarding new IFE services is a way to capture the attention of consumers to educate them of an in-flight experience. We are using social media and airport branding as the foremost initiative to unravel the new list of engagement opportunities available for both consumers and advertisers.

How important is it for you to deliver the best in-flight entertainment to your flyers? How does Dolby Atmos enable that?

SpiceJet values its customers above all and is constantly striving to deliver end-to-end solutions through its IFE services, therefore the initiative was taken to personalize the air travel experience, by developing SpiceScreen.

It was a careful decision to provide the Indian audience, with a new-age wireless in-flight technology that not only bridges the gap between ground and air but also, seamlessly transforms the in-flight environment of the consumers.

For the first time in the history of in-flight entertainment in India, we’ll be able to deliver cinematic experience mid-air, the partnership with Dolby Atmos adds to the entertainment quotient on SpiceScreen.

Dolby Atmos is known for its expertise in delivering breakthrough audio & visual experiences to billions of people worldwide, so, when we talk about revolutionizing IFE solutions, Dolby Atmos becomes one of the foremost value-addition to this transformative journey!

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