Mangaluru: The ruling BJP has backstabbed the Hindus by allowing demolition of an ancient temple in Mysuru and is trying to cover up their deed by using Sangh Parivar to fight against the act, Hindu Maha Sabha Karnataka state secretary Dharmendra said on Saturday.

Addressing reporters here, he alleged that the fight against temple demolitions by Sangh organisations is just a ploy to cover up the failure of the BJP government. We feel pity on the Sangh Parivar which is taking up the fight. If they are sincere about their fight, they should defeat the BJP in the coming elections and back Hindu Maha Sabha which is the party of Hindutva, he said.

He also said the BJP is citing the Supreme Court order as the reason for the demolition of the temple. At the same time, they are not acting against illegal religious structures of other communities.

The Hindu organisations who protest against the BJP government should openly take a stand that they will not support the party in future, Dharmendra said.

He said the Hindu Maha Sabha will not spare the BJP and the spineless’ government in the state if attacks on temples continued.

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